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Love is not only a concern also means tolerance, respect, trust and understanding. We delicate loves as an Important part of education, we advocate silent love in the school so that students enjoy school, parents like the school.


The power of love in education is the most important force, teachers’ love too, let the students never forget, never forget forever. So we request the teachers to respect the love of the six – 1. Loving sight. 2. Loving smile. 3. Loving language. 4. Loving details. 5. Mind of the love. 6. The opportunity of the love.


We should take advantage of our school system, high – specification hardware, humanized management mode, high education quality, distinctive school characteristics, has won praise of the community and parents. We will stick to the way of “Develop national culture, education of international talent,” find the pursuit of education and nationalization of international harmony and unity.


I believe that Fly Dragon School is a modern education, aircraft carrier, to the world from here, from here into the future, to the other side of succeed from here! Hope all the children happy, happy life and healthy growth! Full of dreams, towards the other side of success!